Rev. Dr. Steven R. Thomas, Jr.

Members and friends of Skidaway Community Church are pleased to announce the appointment of Rev. Dr. Steven R. Thomas, Jr. as Transitional Senior Pastor, effective February 10, 2021.

A graduate of the University of North Carolina Wilmington, he received his Doctor of Ministry from Union Theological Seminary, Richmond, Virginia. Following military service as a Naval Flight Officer and Air Force Chaplain, Thomas served as Pastor-Head of Staff for large/small/rural/urban churches in North Carolina, West Virginia, Nebraska, Michigan and New York. He also held executive positions with the Presbytery of Charleston Atlantic and Presbytery of Cayuga Syracuse.

Honorably retired by the Charleston Atlantic Presbytery, Dr. Thomas eagerly accepted Skidaway Community Church’s call to serve. In his own words, “ I welcome the opportunity to join Rev. Deanie Strength, Parish Associate; Dr. Mary McKee, Director of Music/Organist; and SCC’s lay leadership in preparing for the next chapter in this congregation’s spiritual journey. Learning about Skidaway Community Church’s 1977 roots as organizing the Island’s first ‘church service’, blending faith traditions and enduring commitment to being a resource for the entire community were all compelling appeals. I’m very much looking forward to becoming a Skidaway Island friend and neighbor.”

Dr. Thomas is married to Saunda (Sunny) Thomas. Island friends and neighbors are invited to join members in welcoming Dr. and Mrs. Thomas to his first service at
Skidaway Community Church, 50 Diamond Causeway, on Sunday, February 14 at 10:00 AM.