Coordinators: Milo Moore (Finance),  Billy Hair (Personnel), Howard Gandelot (Property)
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Our mission is to insure that the administrative aspects of the Skidaway Island Presbyterian Church are carried out efficiently.

Committees included in this unit are:

Personnel Committee:

The Personnel Committee’s mission is to formulate personnel policies and procedures for church employees, including performance appraisal and salary administration, and to work with the Senior Pastor, the Head of Staff and the Ministry Units to support staffing requirements.

  • Formulates personnel policies and procedures for church employees including performance appraisal and salary administration;
  • Works with Ministry Units and Senior Pastor/Head of Staff to support staffing requirements.

Chair: Billy Hair
Members: Chris Aiken, Shelley Barquist, Jane Case, James Garrison, Don Mayer, Debra Pekarski

Property Committee:

Session Coordinator: Ray Krstolic

The Property Committee’s mission is to provide and maintain SIPC’s facilities and equipment in support of all the activities of the church, allowing our congregation and guests to comfortably and safely gather together in fellowship and worship of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Insures that SIPC’s buildings and grounds are maintained and improved to meet the overall needs of the congregation;
  • Oversees construction and maintenance projects; manages energy utilization to conserve resources for the church;
  • Maintains all equipment and mechanical systems that contribute to offering an attractive and welcoming place of worship.

Chair: Howard Gandelot

Members: Sonny Jones, Walt Culin, David Denhard, Bob Harris, Jim Brown, Don Holck, Vic Bell, Bill Sickels, Bill Duke, Ray Krstolic, Dee Angell, Sandy Mayer, Judy Gandelot, Susan Usher

Property Committee Activities:

The Property Committee is charged with being good stewards of SIPC’s physical plant as well as its impact on the neighborhood and environment. The annual property budget to operate and maintain the facilities averages $76,000 per year excluding major repair items (e.g. roof replacement) that are funded by a separate Repair & Replacement Reserve. .

In early 2009 we did a site wide energy survey with the aid of Georgia Power. Some 70+ individual projects were identified ranging form simple no cost actions (e.g. lowering hot water heater temperature) to major changes (e.g. installing two new heat pumps for the sanctuary). Over the past three years most of the projects have been completed resulting in 35% energy savings… enough energy for 11 average homes. This past September the rear parking lot lighting was replaced by Georgia Power with high intensity LED lights resulting in much better illumination at a cost savings of $1,900 per year with no investment by SIPC.

In addition to energy work, there is the ongoing equipment maintenance, wear and tear repairs plus protecting the basically wooden structures from the ravages of Mother Nature. Approximately $12,000 per year is spent on this work. Committee members do much of the work with support of contractors when necessary.

A sub-committee of The Property Committee, The Technology Committee provides leadership and guidance on the implementation, use, and support of technology resources (i.e., computers and peripherals, website and social networks, audio/visual, telecommunications, office equipment). Additionally, the committee maintains knowledge of emerging technologies to determine strategic value relative to enhancing the reach of the church. In recognition of the ever-increasing importance and ubiquity of technology, SIPC maintains and supports a connected presence in this digital age.

The Committee is responsible for managing suppliers to the campus such as waste disposal, AV repairs and data/voice equipment. We constantly look for the best value from these suppliers. The energy reduction work plus finding best value suppliers has reduced the facilities operating cost more than $14,000 per year from a 2010 base cost. By being good stewards of the physical plant, we have allowed these funds to be better used to serve God’s purpose.

Finance Committee:

Session Coordinators: Milo Moore

The Finance and Audit Committee’s mission is to ensure that SIPC’s finances are securely managed, to keep The Session informed in financial matters and, on behalf of The Session, to manage the following financial policies: Annual Budget Process, Receipts and Expenditures, Financial Reports, Expenditure Approvals, Employee Reimbursement, Capital Expenditures, Contracts for Services and Gifts and Donations.

  • Manages all monetary functions of the church;
  • Prepares an annual budget, maintains necessary reserve funds, administers payroll and accounting functions, and performs periodic audits;
  • Supervises accounts payable and maintains records of receivables;
  • Through the Stewardship Committee, conducts an annual and on-going stewardship campaign to raise funds to support the mission of the church.

Chair: Milo Moore
Stewardship: Joe Young
Members: Bob Harris, Curt Shambaugh, Shelly Barquist, Howard Gandelot , Lee Cassady, James Eleckzo (Staff), Jim Brown (Staff), Andy Lohn, Jeff Garrison (Staff)